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Procedures for the Salon

COVID restrictions have been lifted for NC for those that have been vaccinated. I want to let all my clients know that I have been vaccinated over 2 weeks ago. If you want me to wear a mask I will. If you want to wear a mask you can. If you don't that's ok too. I am happy to accommodate your safety needs. Even though the restriction is lifted I will continue to follow cleaning procedures:

  1. I am using disposable single use salon capes.

  2. I recommend you wash your hands/sanitize before entering the suite. I will also provide hand sanitizer.

  3. I will allow extra time between appointments to sanitize capes, shampoo bowl, chairs, etc inside the salon.


In the meantime here is what I'm doing to accommodate your at-home needs:

  • IN SALON: Tuesdays & Saturdays I will be in the Salon for appointments.

  • AT-HOME: Wednesdays & Fridays I will travel to Cabarrus County/North Charlotte and South Charlotte/Uptown with surrounding areas to do At-Home Concierge appointments. ​

  • FLOATING: Thursdays This will be my floating day based upon need.

** It is possible that I can be flexible with this schedule. If you need a specific day, please don't hesitate to call me. I may be able to accommodate.

At-Home Concierge Service

 Along with the price of the hair service an additional travel fee will be added. 

The At-Home concierge service visits, will include a $50 travel service fee.

For your first visit, this service fee will be discounted at $25.

For locations more than 12 miles from the salon an additional $0.30 per mile will be added to the fee. This fee is per visit not per person so your appointment could be for just you or multiple people in your home (max 5). It’s a great way to get the whole family in one visit!

You may call or book online for In Salon appointments.

Please call me to book an At-Home service. I need to get additional information from you that is not a part of the online system. This would also be necessary if you plan to include family members with the appointment.

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