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About Me

My Passion

I was raised by a father who was a painting contractor by day & a social work background mother. I always knew at an early age, I was more interested in the type of career my father hading his own business. I did not want a 9 to 5 office job. I wanted to run my own business how I saw fit. In my senior year of high school, I had to pick an internship since I had most of my credits and didn’t plan to graduate early. I was guided by my mother and school counselor to find something in the creative aspect. At that time, I had no idea what to choose, because my plan was to be a labor and delivery nurse which got crushed my sophomore year. So, eventually I decided to inquire at ArtSpace in Raleigh, NC. They actually didn’t have an internship program, but once we sat down and talked, I became their first intern ever! I actually started the program with Eric McRay, where I saw for a few years, first hand and participated in, what being a creative in the business world was like. At age 18, I began working retail. At the age of 19, I became one of the managers. This is where I first endured my years of understanding branding, marketing, customer service, business management, visual merchandising and much more. I soon realized how much I enjoyed the creative parts of managing.


At age 21, when I attended AVEDA Institute-Chapel HillI, I excitedly began my forever career! I quickly learned above and beyond when it came to all things hair. Plenty of extra curricular activities like fashion shows, events, attending hair shows, the list goes on. It was also a time where I was nurtured into all of the senses. AVEDA practices being “all about your client while they’re in the stylist chair.” The foundation I started, is still the same foundation that’s never left me over a decade later. A year and a half into my career, I moved to Charlotte and helped be apart of a brand new salon in Harrisburg, NC. I quickly moved up to management and continued my career their for 8 years. In 2015, around year 7, I decided to open ERMc Hairstylist. I continued to work both my business and the Harrisburg Salon for nearly a year because I had that strong of a bond with my salon owner inside and outside of the salon.


In 2015, when ERMc Hairstylist opened, this journey has embarked on a whole new enlightenment of new business experiences. I love to travel and do hair while experiencing life! Through out the years of first starting cosmetology school , I pride myself further on professionalism, sanitation, continued education, as well as, continuing to grow my understanding for branding, marketing, and all of the “behind the scenes” of running a business.


During 2020, I decided to officially take the business to a new level and became an LLC! I also brought more of the concentration to do On-Site Hair Services. Whether that is a haircut and hair color or formal styles for weddings and events. Another added bonus to ERMc Hairstylist is handmade simple, one-of-a-kind ( “bespoke” ) hair accent pieces for weddings and formal events, or to wear them to brunch or happy hour with your friends! You can get them custom-made or buy as is.

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