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The last thing you want to stress about on your wedding day is your hair. Leave it to a professional and let me help you relax and laugh as you get the royal treatment for your special day. I can provide beautiful hairstyles for the bride, bridesmaids, mothers and/or friends & family too. Both In Salon and On Location packages include ceremony and reception ready hair. Give me a call to schedule your trial run.

>> Got Wedding Questions? I have some answers!

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In Salon

These prices are for the hairstyling being done in the salon.​

Updo: $130 (45 mins)

Trial Run: $165 (75 mins) 


    (Every 15 mins over time: $20)

On Location

These prices are for me to come to your wedding location to style hair.​

Brides: $160

Wedding Party Members: $130

  • Concierge Travel Fee is $90-$180 within 20 miles - 45 miles from home base.

  • A 20% tip will be added to the total. 

  • A deposit of  30% must be paid at time of booking and full total must be paid at least 30 days prior to the wedding date.

Your Wedding Questions Answered
  • How do you reserve your wedding date?
    Dates are reserved on a first come, first serve basis by a 30% deposit & contract signed. Your total balance must be paid in full 30 days before your wedding date.
  • What do you need to bring day of wedding?
    Anything going into the hair, veil, hair pieces etc. hair pins are provided!
  • What to wear for wedding day hair prep?
    A button down shirt or an extremely stretchy shirt that goes over head very well
  • How to prep for wedding day hair?
    Hair should be washed 24-72 hours prior to wedding day. hair should NOT be washed what so ever day of wedding or slept on wet and still semi wet to dry in the morning. the hair will be to silky clean for the updo to go up and stay up. add your gels, root lift, smoothing creams, volumizing products,etc into hair when you have your "last shampoo" as wedding day hair prep. PLEASE, no flat ironed hair (the hair will not curl once hair is stretched out. our hair is like a rubber band).
  • How does the cancellation policy work?
    If you're contract is outside the 90 day wedding date, you're able to have no penalties and receive full deposit refund. if your contract is within the 90 days of wedding date, you will be charged half of service fees.
  • Do you recommend trial runs?
    Yes, we HIGHLY recommend trial runs before the actual wedding. this helps you as a bride reinsure yourself of the hairstyle you pick out, along with keeping the hairstylist and bride on the same page. styles may vary from trial run to wedding date hair because lets face it, updo's are art... not all are created like twins, just sisters.
  • When should you get a trial run?
    You can get a trial run whenever you'd like, and as many times as you'd like. hair is usually thought of about 3-6 months prior to wedding date. your trial run can come before or after you sign your contract, but remember.. your date is not concrete until the contract & deposit have taken place. trial runs usually last from 60-75mins.
  • Can you put in hair extentions for the wedding?
    Yes, most hair extensions are able to go into hair at an additional cost
  • Can other family member's or bridal party schedule trail runs?
    Absolutely, whoever would like to schedule, is welcome! if its a simple way to make the day a smoother, more comfortable day for individuals.. I'm all for it!
  • How many people can be accommodated on the wedding day?
    It all depends on what services, how long & thick the hair is for each person. My guesstimate is up to 8-10 before I'd have to call in re-enforcemenst! Additional hairstylist would make the cost vary. It would take anywhere from 30-60 mins per person.
  • What is needed for hair setup on wedding day?
    Outlets, extension chord (negotiable on being able to be provided by hairstylist), chair that swivels or goes up and down or a standard folding type chair, standing or mirror on the wall that is at sitting level, table/top of cabinet/counter for hair styling tools and products to sit on, HVAC ( we don't want you to melt away your beautiful hair & make up),
  • What type of payments are accepted?
    Cash, check and all major credit cards
  • Are there any travel fees?
    There are potential travel fees. We will discuss travel costs at time of consultation.
Wedding Hair Photo Gallery
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