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At-Home Concierge Services


I originally started concierge services for business professionals, entertainment figures and mainly weddings, but with everything that has gone on in the past few months I realize how this service could be much more. If you are now working from home and possibly taking care of kids then this service might be for you. The at-home service is also more likely to continue should there be another executive order to shut down. 

Basically, this service is just as it states. I will come to your location to provide hair services. I bring the tools and products I need based upon your service. All I need is a place to work and that could even be outside if needed. All of my current salon hair services are available to be serviced at your home.

At-Home Concierge Prices

 Along with the price of the hair service an additional travel fee will be added. 

At-Home travel fee:

$90-$180 within 20 miles - 45 miles from home base


Over 60 miles, inquire pricing

This fee is per visit not per person so your appointment could be for just you or multiple people in your home (max 5). It’s a great way to get the whole family in one visit!

Please call me to book an At-Home service. I need to get additional information from you that is not a part of the online booking. This would also be necessary if you plan to include family members with the appointment.

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